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Brussels, Belgium’s capital, was set up on Sen River Valley. As well as being the federal region’s  capital.

Of course Brussels is the center of many international organizations like NATO and of course the European Unions headquarters. This means that it is one of the most important centres for politics and finance around the world.  Its national languages are French and Flemish but generally French. Brussels has a population of about 1.2 million.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is definately the Grand Place, which contains the most impressive townhall. The Grand Place is the life blood of Brussels. Every two years in August, an enormous “flower carpet” is set up in the Grand Place for a few days. The flower carpet, always attracts a lot of attention and is spectacular consisting of over a million begonias.


The Grand Place is made up of dozens of stunning properties, that surround the square. These are guildhalls which at the time housed professional guilds. Each Guild wanted to show off their prowess and although the plans for each building had to be approved by the authorities, each one retained an element of originality. For anyone who loves architecture, this is the place to visit.
Le Comet is a guild of boatmen and built by Antonie Pastorana. Le Pigeon is the painters guild and was lived in by  Victor Hugo when he was in exile. Hotel De Ville is one of the most flashy buildings in Grand Place square. Don’t fall for its name, it is the city hall.

You can get a great plan of the square from the local tourism bureau. The mentioned buildings are the most flashy and stylish buildings of the Grand Place.
There are many historical museums and statues in Brussels. The mos visited statue is Manneken-Pis structure. The famous peeing boy statue which was been built by Jerome Duquesnoy in 1619. One of the numerous legend is one wealthy citizen lost his well-beloved son. The child was found after five days in the corner of Rue de L’etuve. Then a bronze statue symbolling that event was constructed.

Belgium has a history of great artists and sculptures. Previous Belgium artists specialised in oils, because of this, there is no doubt that Belgium artists produced some of the greatest masterpieces. The architecture with wavey lines was started by Victor Horta and Henri van de Velde in that century. Horta was known with its studies at interiors and he made wavey studies on the ceiling against the straight lines.

Brussels visitor map

Atomium structure is a production made for 1958 Brussels International Fair. It is a 165 Billion times the size of an iron atom crystal on which it is based and it has a length of 102 meters.

Unusually Brussels is one of the few capitals in the world that has two legal languages. Most of the Belgians are catholic, despite the demise in church attendance church, Belgiums still follow religious tradition througout their daily life.  As well traditional catholic celebration as Brussels’ festival months are July and august. July’s first thursday Ommegang, nobles in historical dresses, passing is celebrated.

Belgium’s food is liked all over the Europe. It has been compared to French Cuisine. Belgium cooking is mixed of both French and German style having the main materials as meat and sea products. It is a pleasure to eat in Belgium. You don’t think about what to eat. Restuarant are also generally compared to French ones. But the biggest differancy of these two countries is their food presentation.

As we know the French are renown for showing great attention to detail and presentation. It doesnt’t mean that the food you eat in Brussels or any other city of Belgium is not as good, only that there is less attention to their presentation compared to the French.

It’s not possible to encounter very hard weather conditions. The warmest time of the year is between April to September, but be prepeared to see grey sky and foggy streets at any time of the year. Tourists may be forgiven for thinking the umbrella and raincoat as Belgium’s national dress.

Getting around Brussels is very easy. There is a superb metro or train service. Also hiring a bike to cycle around brussels is very popular and there are many places for your to hire a bike.

Brussels is a great city full of rich history and architecture. I wholeheartedly recommend a visit, especially if you are into history or architecture.

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